Back in Europe

I never really envisioned this as a potential reality. Had you asked me six months before, I may have told you I’d seen myself as a South American vagabond tossed to the winds of fortune by now. Yet six months later–eight and a half years I made that first fate move to Paris–I find myself a resident of Germany about to embark on an unforeseen adventure of an indefinite variety. 

I have a job to do, of course, and I feel again invigorated by the possibilities of opportunity. I no longer feel trapped; the world is a simultaneously large and tiny place. I don’t know how long I’ll go next… But the world ahead looks full of promises and light. At 27, I had felt my heart aging. Now, 28 doesn’t feel so old anymore.

Welcome to Europe


Yes, Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport Has Free Wifi

Finding myself in a desperate situation of needing to hop on a conference call within 40 minutes of landing at BEG, Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport, I had tried DESPERATELY for hours to google IF BEG had wifi (free or paid) available.

Googling different variations of “Belgrade, airport, wifi”; “Is there wifi available at Belgrade airport?”; “wifi, BEG” yielded no tangible results and even the likely players like did not provide any of the regular useful information.

I received a good tip from a fellow Couchsurfer┬áthat left me hopeful… and now sitting with at the Dufry cafe, I can confidentlyl say that YES, THERE IS FREE WIFI AT BEG in case any one else finds themselves equally curious.