Mulberry Child on PBS Nationwide in May

I happened to find myself in Chicago over the last week as part of the wedding of one of my oldest and best friends (shout out, Holly), and serendipitously it was the opening weekend of Mulberry Child on PBS across the country (U.S). It is Asian Heritage Month after all, and well, we’re Asian.

Mulberry Child Movie
Mulberry Child Movie

And as chubby as I might look in the film (one of my friends unceremoniously asked me after the screening it if I had lost 30 pounds since production), I’m so grateful that PBS took a leap of faith to support our story and believed in its universality. The trailer is available here.

For the month of May, you can watch the movie on your local PBS or World TV provider or stream the 55-minute TV version online at

I thank you all for your kind words and support, and am always be happy to answer any questions or hear your feedback. Your willingness to share our story and our trailer would be very much appreciated as well.

For those who know me: I believe three very simple things;

1) Change is good

2) Nothing is that scary

3) There are good people everywhere

I look forward to knowing more good people out there.

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