The fine art of crack travel

I’m a bit upset that Expert Beacon decided that the Fine Art of Crack Travel wasn’t SEO optimized… sigh. [But it’s such a good title, I protested].

Here’s the next article in my series on travel:
Pack as much relaxation and sightseeing into your travel vacation [LAME… LAME title they picked….]

Belize sunrise


There’s the art of slow travel, and then there’s the art of crack travel. And for anyone with a full-time job (or full-time obligations) who harbors an equal passion for seeing the world, the latter is sometimes the best, or necessary, option. What is crack travel exactly? It’s the art of packing as much as you can into an abridged time period—call it a long weekend, a week or two weeks, or what most of the employed public might have to take off in a given continuous period. Here is some advice to make that time work hard for you.

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