Total Costs

$2268.85 (not including flights from ORD to Managua; Belize City to ORD)

Expenses included:

All food (18 days eating out every meal, every day… sometimes 5 orders of fish plates in one sitting)

All booze (regularly)

Lodging (mix between 2 4-star hotels, 2 beautiful cabana-cabins, 1 hostel, and 2 less than luxurious hotels)

Internal transportation (2 flights, taxis [including $150 LCE to SAP; $80 SJdelS to MGA; PG to Hopkins; Hopkins to Dangriga], 4 ferries, 1 Ticabus, chicken bus, 2 microbuses)

PADI Open Water and Advanced Certifications ($623.25)

Fun stuff (all day surfing courses, charter boats, 8-hr river hike/rafting, horseback riding, fun dives, clubbing)

Duty free shopping (1 bag, 1 shirt, 3 bottles of liquor… only 2 survived the journey)

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