La Ceiba to Roatan

The next morning, surprisingly get up at 8:20. l oh shit, will we make it? Should we even try?

But we make a collective decision to just gun for it (since there’s nothing in La Ceiba), and I wake up Jason. We all pack up quickly.

Since there is no one else staying at the hotel, apparently, check-out is a breeze and are in a cab to Roatan by 9:15.

The pier is not the one that we saw down the stretch of beach, but another one, further north. It is quite sophisticated, with a long line of taxis, cars and trucks moving in and out of the harbor gates. This is the main harbor, the cabbie says, where everything goes in and out of Roatan.

We pay our taxi $15 US, and spread out among two of the four lines of ticket purchasers. I look down at my blackberry, noting that it’s now 9:23, and I wonder if that 9:30 departure time is a hard or soft deadline.

I tap my feet impatiently, leaning back and forth seeing if the line is moving. There are only about 6 or 7 people in front of me, and in theory, my line should be moving the fastest–there are two ticket offices serving it. But to my irritation, I see an old man standing at one box office and a balding old lady standing at another. And. They. Will. Not. Move. Their. Asses.

For the love of GOD, I think, how long does it take to buy a fucking ticket. Stop asking about the weather and move on granny!

Jason and Cynthia have moved out of the fourth line and are spread between lines 1 and 3. Finally the old granny moves and by the time my line starts moving, Cynthia is already buying her ticket.

When I finally buy my ticket, it’s 9:29. We hand off our suitcases, dash through security and up the ramp to the boat. Phew, I think, we made it, but as soon as I settle into a chair in front of the TV in the main room, I realize that it’s not a hard deadline. It’s 9:34, and we have not yet started to move.

As soon as I hear the rumble of the engine, I head outside to explore, and discover that clase normal is actually two stories high, and the second story is basked in sunshine. I head up.

from the top deck, looking back from La Ceiba
from the top deck, looking back from La Ceiba

The hour and twenty minute ride over is beautiful and pristine. The ferry is swift. A couple of nights before, we had been puzzled hour an hour long ferry ride could get us to an island that we couldn’t even see. Now we realize that the island is actually in another direction from the one we were facing, and the ride itself is actually 4 to 5 hours. Several years ago, they had created this new ferry that was much faster in the water. Along the way, we see a string of surrounding islands. Several dark spots in the water turn out to be schools of fish. As we near them, we can see dozens of fish flipping in and out of the water. And, before you know it, a lush, green island approaches.

Roatan approaching
Roatan approaching

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